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In an office? Have a look around. We bet somewhere there's a giant stack of paper waiting to be recycled, right? Much of it printed on just one side, looked at briefly or handed out at a meeting to be left unread, and binned. Sure, recycling it is a lot better than landfill, but really, there has to be a better way, right?

Now that everyone's given up on the idea that the office of the future will be paperless, we need to find another way of killing slightly fewer trees to fulfil our document needs. And this might just be it: Designer Sharsha Lee, of Liteon Technology, has come up with a printer that uses re-usable paper.

That's right: not recyclable, re-usable. The printer uses special ink which can be 'erased' by exposing it to UV light. Print, read, and when you're finished, just erase and put back in printer.

Now, this is just a concept at the moment as far as we can tell. It seems the real innovation would be the ink, rather than a special printer to use it, and we can't believe the HPs of this world haven't tried to make this work. But, it's a great idea at least. Though you'd have to be careful not to fold or crumple the paper before you re-use it, or it's a one-way ticket to paper-jam-ville...

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