This Man Wants You To Tell Him What To Do

Boss on your back? Parents and/or flatmates pestering you? Don't you wish YOU could tell people what to do for a change?

Well, you're in luck. Because a random American kid wants nothing more than for you to tell him what to do.

That kid (oh, ok, he's 20) is internet microcelebrity Dan Brown. No, not that one! This Dan Brown is from Lincoln, Nebraska. Aged 17, he was bored - unsurprisingly, given that he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska - and started recording videos of himself talking nonsense in his bedroom and putting them on YouTube. One day he recorded a tutorial on how to complete a Rubik's Cube. It went viral, and the next thing he knew Dan was an internet sensation with 250,000 YouTube subscribers tuning in to watch 5-minute videos of him shaving.

Then Dan got bored again. So now, he's starting a new phase of his internet video career. For the next year, we're in charge!

At his new site, viewers can post suggestions as to what Dan will be doing with his time (he doesn't have a job or anything. He lives off making internet videos. No, we don't understand it either.)

Apparently there's going to be some system of voting, and Dan will have to do the things that people vote for, although so far he just seems to be adding ideas to his to-do list because he likes them. Apparently there's a rule against suggesting he do things that are 'illegal or harmful to others,' though that presumably doesn't rule out getting him to harm himself...

We think this could peter out pathetically, or it could be kinda great. If you feel like tipping things in the direction of the 'great' column, with some cool suggestions, pop over to Dan's site.

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