This is the News! (in HD)

Sky News will be launching a HD channel next spring, according to a rather staid press release from Sky. It will be broadcasting alongside the standard resolution channel, and will be using some 3D graphics, so they can make even fancier animations of foreigners being shot, or blown up. It's also likely to be a bit of a preview for Sky's 3D TV service, which is going to arrive soon after.

'Sky News HD marks another landmark for a news organisation, now in its 21st year of broadcasting,' says the release. 'It’s an investment in the future of news, for the audiences of today and tomorrow. It is a vision that clearly defines Sky's strengths, passion and restless pursuit to be first and to be the best.

'As well as enhanced studio presentation and compelling on-air graphics, news is also about the drama of human emotion: from keynote speeches and police news conferences to picket lines and joyful crowds at ceremonial events, HD is an opportunity to bring our viewers much closer to events, building on one of Sky News’ existing strengths, and we’re delighted that we can now announce we will be working towards launching this exciting new service next year.'

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