This is the new Googlephone

A little under a year ago, you may recall, the press went mental over the fact that Google was 'making a phone.' Really, all they were doing was experimenting with selling a HTC Android phone with Google branding, but nevertheless, thanks to Google's input the Nexus One was widely considered the best Android phone out there for a while.

So there was considerable excitement in geek-world when rumours started to circulate of a Nexus Two... manufactured by Samsung, no less. Well, now, here it is. Google CEO Eric Schmidt didn't actually announce the Nexus S - as it now appears to be called - at an interview yesterday, but he did show off the hardware believed to be the phone.

It has some interesting features, most notably a slightly concave screen. Apparently the idea is that, because our eyes are curved, a curved screen is easier to look at than a flat screen.

We also got a sneak preview of Android 2.3, aka 'Gingerbread,' to be released imminently. And look - it's got a cute 'switch-off' animation like an old TV!

Nifty, eh?

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