Third hand news

Yesterday we showed you a few videos from Modern Warfare 2 which had sequences of third person running and gunning, a departure from the usual FPS blasting that we’ve come to expect. Well now that it’s been leaked all over the internet, Infinity Ward have decided to announce it to the world. Good timing all. Still, at least they’ve given us some new info into the bargain.

‘3rd Person is a new playlist mode in Multiplayer,’ said Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling. ‘So you can play your favourite playlists or game types, like Team Deathmatch just standard, or in Hardcore mode (with limited HUD and increased bullet damage) or in the new 3rd Person mode, which means you and everyone in the game is in 3rd person.

‘When you're in a 3rd Person playlist you can't toggle in and out, you're always in 3rd person. You can't toggle 3rd person view on or off in a standard game type either, people in 3rd person can't play with people in 1st person, they're entirely different game modes. This is just another way to play the game.’

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