Thinner, brighter, crisper: Sony announces ultra-thin TV

Sure, it’s lovely having a TV you can hang on the wall (given a sturdy enough wall). But in the never-ending quest for new, sparklier and simply more envy-making kit, don’t you sometimes feel like flat-screen TVs are just not… flat enough?

As has often been the case recently, it’s Sony to the rescue. The consumer electronics giant has announced a TV that uses organic LEDs (OLED) to produce a screen just 3mm thick, with lower power consumption, a brighter picture and better contrast than LCD screens.

The downside? At £850 for an 11-inch screen it’s still pricey compared to an LCD TV, and the lifespan of the screen is just 30,000 hours -- about half that of Sony’s LCD TVs, but still quite enough for us until something shinier comes along.

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