Think of the children!

Being old, we at Digitaledge remember the golden days of videogaming. The early 1990s, when everyone at school seemed to have a SNES or Mega Drive - apart from the Wing Commander weirdos who played games on their 386 PCs - and arguments about Mario vs Sonic and Street Fighter II Turbo vs. Street Fighter II Championship Edition went on for what felt like weeks.

They were great times. Games were new-ish then, and we felt like pioneers of a new strand of culture, not consumers of high-budget mass entertainment product (though of course we were that as well). But games being new meant the inevitable media panic about them. Newspaper headlines told us we were all going to 'catch epilepsy,' go blind, or become violent psychos.

It was all nonsense, of course. But we had an unpleasant flashback to those times a couple of weeks ago when Nintendo announced that its new 3DS portable console, which packs a nifty glasses-free 3D screen, wouldn't be safe for kids under 6 in 3D mode.

Well, now here's some good news: it looks like Nintendo might have been a bit ultra-careful. Optical experts have said they don't see any risk from the 3DS. And now, the big 'N' has walked back a bit from its warning. President Satoru Iwata now says the 3DS is 'not dangerous,' but they issued the warning as a 'precautionary measure.' In other words, as Gizmodo points out, they didn't want to get sued.

This is good news for young gamers, but possibly bad news for older gamers, who will have no excuse not to share their 3DS with their young brothers and nephews...

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