Thin, powerful, and over here

How thin is thin? With the iPad 2 having suddenly apparently made everyone obsessed with technology having supermodel-like proportions, an unseemly fight has broken out over the title of world's thinnest smartphone. Samsung claimed the title with their Galaxy S II, which is just 8.9mm thick at its thinnest point. But the Galaxy cheats a bit by bulging in places, notably where the camera lens sits. If you measure by the overall or average thickness - or, as Engadget points out, simply look at which phone sits lowest on a table if you lay it face-up - then the winner is a phone with very similar pedigree to the Galaxy S II: the LG Optimus Black.

And a fashionably slender figure - 9.2mm thick along its, er, length - isn't all that the Optimus (if only they'd called it Prime!) has going for it. It's also packing a powerful 1GHz processor and a nifty high-tech screen that offers dark blacks - hence the name.

Best of all, it's coming to Europe first! So if you want to feel smug towards your US-dwelling mates, the Optimus Black is probably the way to do it. It'll be out in June, probably for about £450 sim-free, but there's no word yet on who'll be selling it operator-wise.

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