Thick or thin?

We like the quick-fire, we-hear-it-you-hear-it nature of modern internet journalism as much as the next guy, right? But every now and then, we do wish people would check things out before reporting them on well-regarded, professional tech blogs.

Case in point: the curious case of the fat, thin white iPhone 4. Mere days ago we told you that the white iPhone 4 - which has just been released after a ten-month delay - was a wee bit chunkier than its black older brother. 0.2mm chunkier, to be precise - not enough for you to feel in your pocket, but feasibly enough to prevent it fitting some of the more rigid iPhone 4 cases.

Well, it seems everyone - including us, of course - spoke too soon. Consumer Reports, the US magazine that made headlines when it refused to recommend the iPhone 4 last year because of 'Antennagate', tested them both with a pair of ultra-accurate digital calipers, whatever they are, and found them to both be exactly 0.37 inches thick. The picture that made the white model look thicker must be fake, out-of-date, or just deceptively shot.

So, yeah, that was all nonsense. Oh well! This is good news if you're thinking about swapping your black iPhone 4, which you've equipped with a case, for a white model. Mind you, there's probably not a lot of point in going through the considerable hassle of changing if you're just going to cover your lovely new white phone in a case anyway...

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