They're watching you

Oh lord, where will the great location-tracking scandal end? First it was the iPhone which turned out to be collecting vast amounts of data about your whereabouts. Then Google admitted it collected some anonymised information about Android users' movements.

Now it turns out you don't even need a phone to be tracked. All you need is a high-end sat-nav. TomTom's top-end models contain SIM cards which send data to the company's servers to help it predict traffic jams and advise users to avoid them. Fair enough. But now the company's admitted it also sometimes shares that information with the police to help them decide where to place speed cameras.

The data's anonymous, of course, so it's not like the police know you were speeding, just that lots of people were. But it's still another valuable reminder that we've allowed GPS technology into our lives without, in some cases, really thinking through the implications. Still, it's no biggie. You don't speed, anyway, right?

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