They Said It Would Never Happen...

Wired, not unreasonably, calls Duke Nukem Forever 'the once and future King of All Vaporware.' Vaporware, for those not nerdy enough to know, refers to amazing tech products - from phones to PCs to games - which promise the world but never actually get released. Duke Nukem Forever, the latest in the long-running series about a shade-wearing Arnie-clone soldier fighting various unpleasant monsters with massive guns, has won a reputation as the ultimate example of vaporware after being in development since 1997. (That's a longer wait than for the Stone Roses' second album.)

Well, it's almost ready! DN4EVA (as probably only we are calling it) will be out on May 6th. And there's a trailer, and it's very long, and a bit dirty, and well worth a watch.

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