They Know Who You Are

Take a look at your to-do list for the weekend. Got to do some shopping? Renew your driving licence? Oh, and upload the photos from Olly's stag weekend to Facebook. 'Been putting that off for a while now. But it's such a hassle, right? Choose them, upload them, tag them. It'll take at least a couple of hours. Hmm, busy Saturday... mum's for lunch Sunday... so, Sunday evening - spend it tagging photos or in the pub? Let me think.'

This thought process, or something like it, probably puts thousands of people off putting photos on Facebook every day. And given that Facebook is absolutely determined to get us sharing our whole lives on their bloomin' pages, that clearly won't do. So its boffins have come up with a characteristically-creepy way of making it easier: face recognition.

Now, it seems, if you upload a bunch of photos Facebook will not only group together ones it thinks are of the same person - it's been doing that for a few weeks - but it'll have a go at guessing who that person is.

'Now if you upload pictures from your cousin's wedding, we'll group together pictures of the bride and suggest her name,' Facebooker Justin helpfully explains. 'Instead of typing her name 64 times, all you'll need to do is click 'Save' to tag all of your cousin's pictures at once.' Those immediately suffering a privacy freakout can relax, a bit - you can opt-out of being 'suggested'. Or you could just start wearing a mask when you go out...

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