There's a leak

Ok ok, so we said we’d tone down the Modern Warfare 2 coverage now that release day is almost here and Infinity Ward seem to have run out of things to surprise us with, short of showing us the actual game itself. However, some sneaky shops have been selling the game early, and because of that we now have some very tidy videos doing the round on YouTube, which give us all sorts of goodies. Check the one out below for example:

It gives us the first nine minutes of the game, including the training segment that lets you get your eye in. It’s all very slick, it must be said, even if it’s partly voiced by some bloke from The Bill, and latterly EastEnders (buggered if we can remember his name, but you’ll recognise the voice). This one is also pretty ace, and shows you both online play and a tactical nuke.

Whether it’s as entertaining as the online chat that comes at the end of the video is another thing, however. In any case, it all looks like good stuff, so there’s lots to look forward to when you legitimately buy your game.

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