Theme Hospital cheats, hints, tips and unlockables

If you're interested in Theme Hospital cheats, you'll be pleased to read that there are lots of cheats for the business simulation game which was developed by Bullfrog Productions. If you're addicted to the game in which players designs and operate a hospital, but you're getting frustrated with a lack of progress, read on.

Level select

You can get to whatever level you like with these Theme Hospital cheats. All you have to do is press the C button on the pre-game screen and then click on the level you wish to skip to. Bear in mind that the pointer is hidden.

Another level select cheat is initiated by typing "hospital - L#" (the # is the level number you wish to get to). With this cheat, your nickname is "Horza" and the difficulty level is set at the highest.

Secret level

If you're getting bored, why not get a bit more enjoyment from the game with the secret level? To access it, go to the fax machine and dial 7287. When you beat the current level you're on, you'll be transferred to the secret level.

All items

While you're playing, keeping looking at the lower left-hand corner. When a small box appears, click on it. If you get lucky, a fax machine will appear. Using the mouse, press 24328 and the green button on the fax machine. When you return to the game, press Shift-Ctrl-C to gain all items.

Infinite money

The best cheats for any game are the ones that offer infinite money. To get infinite money, follow the process set out for all items. Everything is identical to that process including the 24328 number you need to press along with the fax's green button, but when you return to the game press Shift-C to activate this cheat.

Best cheats

The ultimate Theme Hospital cheats are those that offer infinite cash or all items, but they can take away from the enjoyment of the game, so we'd recommend staying clear of those until you're getting really bored. Using the level cheat could get you onto something new and everyone should try the secret level.

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