The world's oldest Twitterer dies

The world’s oldest Twitterer, Ivy Bean, has died at the age of 104. Ivy started tweeting last year, sending regular updates on her daily activities including dinner plans, Deal or No Deal and meetings with celebrities including Peter Andre and One Foot in the Grave star Richard Wilson. She quickly gained over 56,000 followers and an invitation to Downing Street from former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Having formerly been an advocate of Facebook, with 4,600 friends, Ivy made the decision to switch to Twitter last year, claiming she was ‘bored’ of the hit social networking site. Followers had feared the worst when Ivy didn’t tweet for 6 days in June. Care home manager Pat confirmed she had been taken ill and sent updates on Ivy’s health via her Twitter profile. It was hoped Ivy would be well enough to return to the care home, and her followers, on Monday but sadly she passed away on Wednesday, 24 hours after Stephen Fry commented ‘I hear the divine @IvyBean104 - the oldest twitterer - is not very well and needs our best wishes.’

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