The WineRack bra: bringing booze and breasts together

Do you like sneaking your own drink into clubs, but keep getting nabbed by the bouncers on the door? Do you look with envy at your friends' gargantuan chesticles, but don't want to go under the knife? Well don't fret because Firebox has come up with an answer to both your problems: the WineRack bra. This crafty device does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you have Jody Marsh sized melons with an Amy Winehouse calibre hangover.

The WineRack bra is being hailed as a revolutionary innovation in the world of stealth drinking. Simply load up the polyurethane bladders contained inside the bra, slip it on, adjust the drinking tube and before you know it you'll be glugging from your jugs like a malnourished puppy.

It's a sure fire way to become the most popular person in town: not only will everyone think your great because you have fun bags the size of small puppies, you'll also be able to offer free booze to one and all. Retailing at £20, the WineRack is the top of any self respecting New Man's gift list this Christmas.

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