The Wind Pad

For all those that are reading this on their shining new iPad, gloating and dribbling in equal measure whilst flicking through all the web has to offer (minus Flash websites 'lol') - not so fast. Before you can say ‘I frickin’ love Steve Jobs,’ another so called iPad Killer has been unveiled.

Named The Wind Pad (we presume after the excellent fart apps available) and made by the lovely dudes at MSI, it boasts that it can do everything the iPad can do but better. From a distance it looks the same as the iPad, with its 10' touchscreen, super-duper Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, but with the novelty of being Flash enabled for web videos and USB port. It runs on Windows 7OS or Google Android – the choice is yours and will be retailing at $500 when it hits shelves in the US later in the year.

So, before the end of 2010 and swiftly cashing in on the iPad generation, is the HP Slate, The Eee Pad and now the Wind Pad. Let's hope for their sake that everyone doesn’t already own an iPad by then...hmmmm....

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