The Wild West goes digital

Rockstar Games have given all us gamers something to very much look forward to, with it Spaghetti Western adaptation Red Read Redemption. But ever since that first reveal all those months ago, there’s barely been anything to talk about – until now.

Not only have Rockstar given us a release date to mark in our calendar – 30 April 2010 – they’ve also provided a corking trailer for you to feast your eyes on. Called My Name Is John Marston, it lays the basic plot of the game down; you’re (John Marston, obviously) after some crazy gun slingin’ nut called Bill Williamson (who happens to be your former brother in arms) and you don’t care whether you capture of kill him, as your family depends on you getting him from him getting them. Moody.

As well as that you get to see just how splendidly cowboy-y it all looks, from the broad canyons to the wooden town in which the hustlers do their trade, right down to the bad shotguns and pistols that you’ll be doing your work with. There’s even some duelling. Yeee-haw!

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