The Web Summit begins

London. 8am on a Monday morning. Otherwise any other ordinary start to the week. Except I’m sitting inside The Brewery, EC1 and the atmosphere is already electric.

Queues of people are already jostling with an eager anticipation in the air which only comes when a truly new wave of events is about to happen. I had the same feeling when LeWeb kicked off (then called Les Blogs) in Paris. You can tell by the positivity and buzz that seems to be bouncing off the walls (and might I remind you it’s only 8am and people are just arriving for the networking breakfast).

I already see investors mingling with start ups. Media giants rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers shaping London’s rapidly expanding tech community. Angels and international leaders of the tech superpowers that be stalking the halls eager to glimpse the buzzing community radiating around the UK’s capital. But it's not just London represented at the web summit today. A quick flick through the attendee list shows a healthy mix of cities from across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Paddy Cosgrave and Mike Butcher leap onto the stage (loaned from Glastonbury nonetheless – and what better boards to tread that those immortalized by the best bands the world has to offer) – clearly charged up by the instant success that the London Web Summit is enjoying without even having a first keynote.

And what’s on the agenda? Here’s a pick from some of the most interesting panel discussions:

  • Bonfire of the Vanities:
  • Celebrities, Startups and Hype
  • Shervin Pishevar
  • Edial Dekker
  • Alex Hoye
  • Jason Whitmire
  • Sherry Coutu

  • Emerging Markets -
  • Vladivostok or the Valley?
  • Ingrid Lunden

  • Exit Schmexit -
  • Creating Liquidity in Europe
  • Lars Hinrichs
  • Max Niederhofer

  • Are we there yet? -
  • Do European startups have the capital they need?
  • Dharmash Mistry
  • Azeem Azhar
  • Ben Holmes
  • Sonali DeRycker
  • Nic Brisbourne
  • Nick Halstead

  • Culture -
  • Disrupting Art, Fashion and Design
  • Will Cooper
  • Spencer Hyman
  • Chris Morton

The London Web Summit is without a doubt a much needed injection into the UK tech and start up scene…we’re looking forward to seeing this venture grow! Follow the live stream here: BlogWebSummit

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