The web is the wild west and it's living on the edge

It's summer stat time. A couple of recent studies have likened the web to the wild wild west and warned that if action is not taken soon to boost capacity, the bandwidth hungry peer to peer services and huge growth in traffic will cause a grid lock.

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee delivered its verdict on internet security and has called for a centralised e-crime unit to be set up, while ISPs and software vendors should take more responsibility for security breaches. The main concern within the report was that the fight against cyber crime had to be unified, with industry bodies like Ofcom working together with ISPs.

At the same time, the New Millennium Research Council has warned that real time, TV quality video on the web will not be possible unless huge investment is made into the web infrastructure, increasing capacity dramatically. The 100 million video streams generated per day by YouTube and its competitors are starting to take their toll - you can read the full story on Computeractive.


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