The watch-phone you can afford!

Nerds may have got excited last year about the possibility of putting an iPod Nano on their wrist with a special strap; but the real dream of portable tech remains a wrist-based mobile phone. Such things do exist: LG released a nifty device last year, but it cost a whopping £500 - OK for a top-end smartphone, but not for the inevitably limited features a wristphone offers.

So we were delighted when we first heard about the Swap Rebel, a small wrist-phone that looked set to cost a lot less. And lo and behold, it's now been released in the UK and costs just £190, SIM-free.

It's controlled through a 1.5-inch touchscreen, and packs a camera and music player. It can even take a MicroSD card to store media files on, but you can also plug the end of the strap into a USB slot (clever!). And, of course, it has Bluetooth to pair with a headset, so you don't actually have to talk into your wrist, James Bond-style (though you have that option).

All in all, we reckon it looks rather ravishing - but we won't know for sure until we see some reviews.

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