The VR GameGun - it's ace

A couple of months back a video surfaced on YouTube that featured a redneck tech head, complete with mandatory mullet, showing us his little invention called the PC VR Game Gun.

The idea was simple; you use the gun as you would use a mouse or a control pad. It had full motion tracking too, so if you moved forward, turned around, or looked up or down, so did the character on the screen, which was attached to the top of the gun and acted as a virtual reality helmet, only without the actual helmet. It’s a bloody fantastic idea. Check the original video below, there’s more to come after.

So, not only has the guy subsequently developed the game gun so well that it will now wirelessly run on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Windows, he’s preparing a retail version of it that should be on sale by Christmas, the prototype of which you can see below.

In other news he’s also shaved off his bad bum fluff and got rid of the mullet. Looks like he’s going for respectability rather than hillbillity, eh? EH?

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