The upgrade that was a downgrade

Despite being super-high-tech geeky tech reporters, we actually have a pretty old mobile - an iPhone 3G. This model was released in 2008, but was still on sale until June this year, so it's hardly old-skool. And it used to work fine. Then Apple released the latest version of the iPhone software, iOS 4, and advised iPhone 3G users - along with iPhone 3GS users - to upgrade.

So we did. And - ack! Now our iPhone is slow and horrible. The upgrade turned out to be more of a downgrade, in terms of performance. The next major upgrade, iOS 4.1, helped a bit, but we'd still have been better off not upgrading. But Apple don't provide any way for you to shift back down again, sort of jailbreaking your phone.

Why are we whining about this? Well, it turns out it's not just us. A lady by the name of Biana Wofford (ah, Americans) is suing Apple in California, alleging that it deliberatelyused iOS4 to knacker older iPhones to force users to upgrade to the new iPhone 4. What's more, she's seeking 'class action' status, meaning she hopes to act on behalf of all the iPhone 3G users who upgraded. Having already won one class action lawsuit this week, we're feeling pretty pumped! Though that one didn't get us any money. Um.

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