The UK may be Banning Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage

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Earlier this year David Cameron was trying to make stricter encryption laws which would involve banning mobile messaging apps such as Facebook owned WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage and SnapChat. He stated that he “does not want to allow a means of communication between people which...we cannot read”. There was outrage among the people at the thought of this.

This idea is once again on the table and may be a reality soon enough. There were talks earlier about possibly weakening the encryption of these apps, but that would only make it easier for potential theft and terrorism to occur.

These messaging apps use end-to-end encryption which allows all of the user’s texts and multimedia to arrive at the intended recipient safely and securely without a middleman. According to M15 chief Andrew Parker though, these encryptions are a national security threat. They could easily cover messages and be used by terrorist groups.

Currently the UK is facing its highest terror threat in 30 years and to fight this, the government wants to be able to monitor all of these communications. Parker stated that the encryption was “creating a situation where law enforcement agencies and security agencies can no longer obtain under proper legal warrant the contents of communications between people they have reason to believe are terrorists”.

He continued by saying "They are using secure apps and internet communication to try to broadcast their message and incite and direct terrorism amongst people who live here who are prepared to listen to their message."

According to Parker, “We need to be able to use data sets so we can join the dots, to be able to find and stop the terrorists who mean us harm before they are able to bring the plots to fruition. We have been pretty successful at that over recent years, but it is becoming more difficult to do it as technology changes faster and faster." Apple's CEO Tom Cook cautioned that Apple has "never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services ... and we never will."

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