The UK games industry under threat?

As video games fans, we're extremely proud of the role good old Blighty has played in the development of our hobby. For such a relatively tiny nation we compete with the comparative behemoths of Japan and America, and our industry is the third largest in the world. Something for the swivel-eyed patriot in us all, right?

Maybe not for much longer. The UK is coming under pressure from the French and Canadian industries, and a considerable pool of domestic talent is being taken away from our shores with the promise of better lifestyle and more money. In fact both governments are even subsidising salaries. And despite the fact that the industry is worth £2billion a year, the government have been slow to act.

'We're not asking for a handout, we're not asking for a subsidy to stave off collapse, we're asking for an investment to allow the games industry to be even more successful,' said Richard Wilson, the chief executive of Tiga, a group that represents independent games developers, to the Guardian.

'There's no principle which the government can cling to and say there shouldn't be a tax break for a specific industry. Quite apart from the massive bailouts for banks, there have also been smaller schemes that have been effective for other industries.'

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