The stats don’t lie

Huge sporting occasions aside, the days of when the UK would come to a stand-still to watch must-see events on the gogglebox or listen on the radio are well and truly behind us. Thanks to catch-up services such as the iPlayer and Sky+ more and more people are choosing to watch their fave shows at their convenience.

This hasn’t stopped newspapers wetting their nappies when it comes to their obsessions with overnight TV ratings and beratings, even if it’s plain for all to see that millions of people don’t watch TV shows live anymore. A prime example of this is the recent excellent ‘Him & Her’ comedy series with Russell Tovey, when shown on BBC3 the overnight ratings were 0.8m, then add the iPlayer on-demand viewers it was bumped up to 2.5m, but it still didn’t stop hacks giving the show and the BBC a slating the morning after it was shown.

To give people an honest ratings review the BBC are to launch ‘Live Plus 7’ – a new service that collates all viewing figures including those watching live, on the iPlayer, series link, Sky+, Freeview+ etc. The service will go public next year, but their first report shows that BBC1 is still the biggest TV channel in the UK.

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