The Social Network *like*

It’s not even out at multiplexes yet but word is that The Social Network is an all round winner and is a dead cert to bag a an Oscar or three next year.

The Social Network tells the alleged story of Facebook and specifically how it’s founder, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg ‘borrowed’ the idea from fellow campus mates and turned it into a billion dollar company in less that five years. Zuckerberg himself has been tight-lipped about the flick (not surprising, as the tagline for the film is ‘you can't make 500 million friends without making a few enemies’) but according to BBC 5Live he has given his verdict on the movie.

Last Wednesday Zuckerberg is said to have hired out a cinema and treated all of his Facebooking staffers an early screening of the film. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg, and his cousin just so happens to work at Facebook and texted Jesse what Zuckerberg thought of the film, and what did the text message say? ‘Mark loved all the parts he agreed with’.

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