The slow descent into sleaze

If you’re any sort of a games enthusiast (i.e. you spend time on games websites looking at stuff) the chances are you might have come across adverts for a game called Evony, a free (up until a point) online role playing game that looks like standard geek fodder: swords, helmets, magic, some mystical world that vaguely resembles Lord Of The Rings etc. The game itself is pretty uninspiring, and in recognition of that, the producers decided to sex up the advertising a bit.

By a bit, we mean that they progressively added more and more cleavage and bum shots: first of all with the at least semi-on topic busty maiden archetype, before ditching that altogether and just using pictures of nearly naked models (some of whom have starred in adult flicks). You can see the progression of the ads on the original story here, but here’s another late addition to the family.

Frankly there’s nothing more outrageous than an internet firm blatantly looking for clicks, is there? Embarrassing stuff from the Evony lads here, Brian.

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