The Sims 4 cheats, hints and tips

The Sims 4 cheats are pretty much the same as the cheats, hints and tips for the earlier games. For each one of the following cheats all you have to do is press CTRL + Shift + C and then enter the code we’ve listed for you. We hope these cheats help enhance the game for you.

Cheat codes

Back in the day cheat codes were a collection of numbers and symbols that unlocked a whole host of goodies for players stuck on a particular level. In those days cheat codes could be readily found online and passed around via chatrooms but nowadays cheat codes are generally harder to come by as developers hold them back. That’s never been the case with The Sims though. The Sims is one of a very small selection of gaming franchises that openly allows cheat codes to be used and those that are already available for the 4th incarnation of the popular life simulation video game series are detailed below.

  • Cheat Codes
  • help - Outputs all commands available to the player in the command console
  • death.toggle - Toggles the true/false value of death. When off, death is disabled
  • freeRealEstate[on/off] - Only available to enter when in neighbourhood/world. When toggled on, home purchases are free. When toggled off, homes costs the usual amount
  • fullscreen - Toggles The Sims 4 full screen mode, on or off.
  • headlineEffects [on/off] - Disables “headline” effects including plumbobs, thought balloons to make the player’s view clearer
  • kaching - An extra 1,000 Simoleons are added to the active household’s funds.
  • motherlode - An extra 50,000 Simoleons are added to the active household’s funds.
  • rosebud - An extra 1,000 Simoleons are added to the active household’s funds.
  • Press Shift + ] - This increases the size of the object you’ve selected

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