The royal wedding will be in 3D after all. Sort of.

A few weeks ago we told you, with heavy hearts, that the plans for broadcasting the royal wedding in 3D had fallen through. The size of the cameras, and the low penetration of 3D sets in the UK, put paid to the marvellous idea.

But now it seems the Wedding Of The Century(TM) will be in 3D after all - kinda. You see, Google has updated the database of 3D imagery it has for London on Google Maps.

It's a little-known feature of Google Maps that you can see most cities in gloriously photo-rendered 3D recreations. But London has been a bit behind, until now. The big 'G' just added 3D to the Palace of Westminster, the British Museum, the West End, Buckingham Palace, and some little church called Westminster Abbey, where apparently some rich people are going to get married next month.

Google aren't stupid, they know some of the billion people expected to watch the wedding on TV (we know! Seriously, WTF?) are going to be interested in a 3D fly-through of the route the wedding party will be taking. So they've made one and put it on YouTube. Voila.

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