The Roger Lascelles travel alarm clock: stylish and functional

Waking up while travelling has never been as stylish as it is with a Roger Lascelles Travel Alarm Clock. Whether you are on a business trip or just on holidays, a trusty alarm clock can become your best friend, always there when you need a wake up call!

The Roger Lascelles range of travel alarm clocks is vast, varied and above all reasonably priced. Coming with cases or without, in a multitude of colours and various designs, you can be sure that the UK's largest manufacturer of clocks will have something to suit you.

If you want to buy a Roger Lascelles travel alarm clock, your first stop should be the company's own website, which you will find at www.rogerlascelles.com. Here you can browse the full selection and, if you are happy with the price, order for next day delivery. Perfect for last minute packing!

Of course, there are often better deals to be had. A quick search on amazon.co.uk will reveal slightly lower prices, and ebay.co.uk usually has a vast range of Roger Lascelles travel alarm clocks for sale - some second hand and some new.

So don't worry about being late for that all-important appointment - you can be sure that the near perfect mechanisms of a Roger Lascelles clock will be sprung to wake you up at exactly the time you need. All you need to do now is find the coffee machine!

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