The road to hell

Hugo Chavez is a funny one. At one point he looked like the model of the dignified democratic lefty, committed to using his power for the good of his people rather than shoring up land and capital for the benefit of himself, family and cabal of lickspittles. But instead he turned into a jibbering maniac, sounding off on his own TV Alo Presidente about whatever he likes, and generally looking every inch the classic tin-pot South American dictator. A shame.

‘But why is he featuring in DigitalEdge?’ you might ask. Well it seems he wants to vent his spleen against video games again, after his previous rant against Nintendo, who apparently promote ‘selfishness, individualism and violence.’ Now he’s got Sony’s Playstation in his sights. ‘Those games they call PlayStation are poison,’ he ranted. ‘Some games teach you to kill. They once put my face on a game, ‘you've got to find Chavez to kill him.’ Interesting stuff, that.

Another classic of his is that games that ‘bomb cities or just throw bombs,’ are the tools of the capitalist pigdogs to sow the seeds of violence so they can ‘later sell weapons.’ They also apparently ‘promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol so they can sell them. That's capitalism, the road to hell.’ With allies like this, the Left doesn’t need enemies.

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