The revolution begins?

Once upon a time there was a land named Smartphonia, and the land was shared amongst various kings, named Microsoft, Palm and Nokia. It was a peaceful, if somewhat backward kingdom. Then one day, several years ago, a new king, Apple, rode into Smartphonia carrying magic finger-touch swords and conquered much of Smartphonia.

The other kings reeled at the speed and ingenuity of Apple's attack. Even when another new king, Google, raised a ramshackle army to attack Apple, the usurper remained in control of much of the land. Palm's assault failed miserably, while Nokia couldn't seem to even raise an army to try. If the usurper was to be defeated, the task had to fall to the mightiest, if often the slowest, of the kings: Microsoft.

And lo, Microsoft ordered his minions to build a mighty weapon. And they toiled, and studied Apple's weapons and why they worked so well, and how they might be improved. And the work took much time. One early attempt was a miserable failure and quickly abandoned.

But then one day, recently, the weapon was ready. Microsoft liked to give his creations stupid names, so he called it Windows Phone 7.

And today, dear reader - this very day - Microsoft unleashes Windows Phone 7 on the armies of Apple. The battle for Smartphonia has begun.

(This is our way of saying that the first Windows Phone 7 phones are launching in the US today - ed.)

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