The return of Nokia?

Ah, Nokia. Once the Scandinavian maestros were the kings of the mobile world. But as the age of the dumbphone gave way to the age of the smartphone, their crown has slipped. In the summer, the company underwent a major management reshuffle after disappointing financial results. Though its cheaper phones are still hugely popular in developing countries, it's lost market share in the US and Europe to the likes of Apple and the various makers of Android phones.

Well, the fightback begins here. The big N are reportedly planning some major leaps forward in 2011. First of all, they'll be carrying out some significant upgrades to their main operating system, Symbian. A few years ago, Nokia made Symbian - which is also used by other phone manufacturers - open source. But development of the OS slowed down as a result, and now Nokia's brought Symbian back in-house to speed its progress. The changes should mostly be about making the system more user-friendly, which is badly needed in response to the likes of Apple.

More exciting for high-end users, though, is the news that Nokia is planning dual-core handsets for next year. Dual-core - the 'multi-threading' processor technology that powers today's home computers - is set to be one of the big trends in mobile in 2011, but it wasn't clear till now that Nokia expected to be involved. This is a positive sign that the European phone-maker is committed to playing at the high-performance end of the market.

What do you think - have you left Nokia for smartphone territory? Do they have a chance of winning you back, or do they need to do something radical - like adopt Android?

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