The phonecamera has arrived

Pity the poor digital camera. For a while, we all wanted one, and laughed at the idea we'd ever make do with the crappy little one on our phone.

But then the cameras on our phones started getting really, really good, and we started using them more and more. In fact, the iPhone 3G is the most popular camera used by Flickr members by some distance.

The camera has become such an important part of our phones, maybe it's time to stop thinking of them as phones with cameras in, and start thinking of them as cameras with phones in?

That's certainly the thinking behind this amazing new LG phone, the LG L-03C. (Seriously, who comes up with these names?) It's got a whopping 12 megapixel camera and, amazingly, a 3x optical zoom, on a par with point-and-shoot cameras you'll get from Jessops. It's got a proper Xenon flash, too, and can record HD video.

Most adorably, though, it's styled more like a camera than a phone - which'll provoke all sorts of fun reactions when you take it out of your pocket and start texting on it...

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