The Perfect date

You might remember that earlier this month Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Arcade Block Party, which was really only of any interest to us because it included the updated port of Perfect Dark we have been pining for in the cold, lonely winter nights. Well now we have an actual release date for the damn thing, as well as more details on the Block Party itself. The release schedule is as follows:

  • March 3rd: Toy Soldiers -1200 points
  • March 10: Scrap Metal – 1200 points
  • March 17: Perfect Dark – 800 points
  • March 24: Game Room – Free to download. Individual games will cost 240 to 400 points

If you purchase all three games and the games room Microsoft will dish 400 MS Points back to you and give you an extra month of Xbox Live Gold subscription for free. Well, they say free, but seeing as you’ll already have paid more than the equivalent for a month’s Gold action – including the 400 points rebate – it’s not really free at all.

Still, Perfect Dark eh? On 17 March for everyone to download and get jiggy with. Ooh exciting, and only a couple of weeks to go, too.

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