The Pentagon bans Google Earth

The Pentagon has banned internet search engine leaders Google from filming and making detailed panoramic views of its military installations for its popular mapping site Google Earth.

The news comes after detailed images of the Fort Sam Houston base in Texas were discovered on Google Earth. The US military is concerned that the information could pose a threat to military security.

A Google spokesman told the Beeb that they made a mistake surveying the Fort Sam Houston base.

Google offers a number of innovative and popular mapping services such as Street View, which enables users to move through virtual landscapes with ground-level views, and Google Earth, which provides detailed satellite images of various parts of the world.

In the Fort Sam case the security concern was due to images on Street View. But both Street View and Google Earth have led to complaints about breaches of privacy and security from governments and individuals.

Google Earth
has a compliant image removal policy open not only to governments but also to consumers, a spokesman told the BBC.

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