The Nintendo Wii video game market: Does it have a future?

Upon its release, the Nintendo Wii Video game market flourished, as you would expect from the world's most famous console brand ever to be released. Introducing then state of the art motion controls, Nintendo successfully introduced the concept of family-friendly gaming, where Mum, Dad and even Granny and Grandad could join in with the action, pick up a Wii remote and swing to win.

But nowadays if you ask any Wii owner how often they pick up their remote and enjoy a game of Wii resorts, you will be surprised just how many will respond with the words "never".

But is this really surprising? After all, Nintendo has stated, quite honestly to their credit, that in future they will produce no adult-orientated content for the Wii console. No commander Shepard from Mass Effect; no gritty, psychological Heavy Rain-style murder thrillers; and certainly no LA Noir-esque adventures.

No - Nintendo has decided that it wants to keep the Nintendo Wii video game market aimed at a more universal, safer age bracket. And we should applaud them for this, but can we blame the gamers market for opting instead for more in-depth grit and action than colour and smiles? Most probably not; the Wii is certainly family friendly, but it appears to have run its course, exiting the stage as a one-hit wonder rather than a legacy of ongoing playability like its forebears. Will the same be said for Nintendo's latest console to storm the Nintendo Wii video game market? - only time will tell.

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