The next round of smartphone evolution begins here

Look at your phone. Pleased with it? Pretty powerful? Pretty fast? Forget it. It's over. Obsolete. Cooked. Done.

But!, I hear you cry. I've got an iPhone 4! It's got a 1GHz processor! It's state of the art! Not any more, chum. Korea's LG have just shown us the future of smartphone technology - and it's dual core.

Yes, dual core - that confusing technology that's made PCs faster while making understanding how fast they are harder than ever. (Is a four-core 2GHz computer faster than a three-core 3GHz computer? And, if, so, how?) It's coming to phones, and it means a whole new world of speed.

LG's new Star Android phone runs a Tegra 2 processor, which is expected to crop up in a lot of smartphones next year - but the Star should be the first. 'Tegra 2 will give anything your current phone's running an inferiority complex', say Engadget. That means faster menus, higher-resolution video, and better games.

What's not clear yet, though, is whether all this processing heft has a negative effect on battery life. We're sure the gadget sites will be monitoring the Star closely, so we'll tell you the results of the battery life testing when we know it...

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