The newspaper of the future is almost here

No, we don't mean iPad apps. For all the fun of getting your BBC News headlines on the bus on your phone or tablet PC, there's something about the feeling of a big, light, wafer-thin newspaper. But paper, that's so 1990s...

Enter Samsung. The Korean electronics giant wowed the world earlier this year with the demo of a flexible e-ink screen, a 19-inch newspaper-like piece of super-thin plastic with high-res, high-contrast, easy-to-read text just like that on a Kindle.

At the time many thought it was just a showy demo that'd never become a product - classic 'vapourware.' But Samsung's reportedly putting the screen, all 19 inches of it, is going into production!

Don't get too excited - as Engadget point out, by the time you've built an actual functioning e-reader around this screen, it'll be heavier and less flexible. Still, it looks like a pleasingly Jetsons-like slice of the future will be with us in one form or another pretty soon.

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