The (new) Wire

Wires. Rubbish, aren't they? We bet you, like us, have bags and bags of the things lying around. Every item you buy has a different charger. Does this stereo take a little connector or a big connector? Which of the many different types of USB cable does this camera use?

One day, everything will be wireless, from power to data, and that date is getting closer. But we're not there yet. In the meantime, there are some signs we're making progress towards at least ensuring the world of wires gets less complicated. Micro-USB is slowly becoming the standard connection for smartphones and cameras - apart, of course, from the best-selling smartphone, the iPhone. But while Apple are proving pesky in relation to that standard, they're doing their best to drive another that could come in handy for computers - and it's (probably) called Light Peak.

Intel have been working on Light Peak for a while. It's a high-speed connection designed to replace not just USB, but also monitor cables. It can push a whopping 10GB a second down its lines. But it's never been used in a commercial computing product.

Until now. CNET are reporting that Apple is soon going to update the MacBook Pro, and that the new models will include the new connection technology - likely under a new Apple-ified name ('magic cable', anyone?).

We're not sure if we see the point of this - we'd much rather see more progress made on wireless USB so we can get rid of wires altogether. But Mr. Jobs, if he's back when this launches, will no doubt convince us these new cables are magical and revolutionary, and Apple fanboys will suddenly start talking about how ancient and 'broken' USB is. Probably.

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