The new tech fad: Android landlines

Well, this is weird. You wait for ages for an Android home phone to come along - well, you don't so much wait as never expect it - and then two come along at once. It's like two 141 buses turning up at once in the middle of the sea.

Just a few weeks after we told you about French phonemaker Archos' Android-powered home smartphone, the 35 Smart Home Phone, along comes another - this time from Binatone. The iHomePhone 2 (we don't know what happened to the iHomePhone 1) is a DECT cordless phone - with a difference. 'It sports a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen, on which you can browse the Net, read your email, and watch YouTube videos. It offers 802.11b/g Wi-Fi for Web surfing, email, weather and news widgets, RSS feeds and Internet radio,' CNET explains.

'There's a microSD slot so you can swap data with your mobile phone, and the contacts manager holds 300 friends' phone numbers and email addresses. There's an alarm clock and calendar and you can listen to both MP3s and Internet radio stations through built-in stereo speakers.'

For £100, it's a pretty expensive home phone - but we guess it could be useful for surfing the web on the sofa. What do you think: are Android landlines the next big thing? Or a weird gimmick?

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