The motion in the ocean

Remember those rumours about the PS3 having a new motion sensor controller to challenge the Wii-mote? Well it turns out that the far superior in every way (except for the power and that) Xbox 360 could be getting one as well, in sort of console double team on Ninty's cute little box of fun. Only it's a little bit different.

Gadget site Engadget has manage to get it's hand on a leaked picture of the device, which includes a sensor bar, a microphone and a camera, and will allow you to control the game with full body movement – without the need for an in-hand controller.

We should state that the photo hasn't been authenticated yet, nor have Microsoft confirmed or denied the rumours, but let's not let that stop some good old fashioned speculation. Personally we're hoping for a Leisure Suit Larry game to test out the full body motion, if you understand what we're saying.

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