The Mile-High Network

Ever flown alone? If you're a high-flyer (heh) of any sort business-wise, you probably have. And you probably know that feeling, of being stuck next to a stranger and vaguely wondering whether it's a good idea to start a conversation or not.

Planely, a new, badly-named social network, believes we should all be talking to each other on planes. And that it'd be easier to do that if we knew each other before we boarded. It calls this 'The Social Flying Revolution.'

The idea is simple: you register, and add details of your upcoming flights. Planely tells you who else who's registered is on that flight. If someone has an interest or hobby in common, you sit with them. If someone is staying at the same hotel, you could arrange to share a cab. It will in future be able to search your Facebook friendships and tell you if someone you know is in the airport at the same time as you, the makers say.

It sounds quite sweet to us, but the concept has been met with horror by some tech bloggers. Gizmodo said, 'What person in their right mind would find this appealing, I can't fathom—all that seems certain to me is that this sounds like less of a 'social flying revolution' than a 'easy way to find someone to strangle you in an airplane bathroom revolution.''

What do you think - does Planely sound fun, or mental, to you?

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