The Lying Down Game

Is lying down more interesting than say, standing, or sitting, or slouching or even hopping? The answer is yes it is - lots more interesting. In fact a brilliantly pointless Facebook game involving people taking photos of themselves lying down and posting them onto the social networking site is currently burning up the web. The Lying Down Game - whose only rules are that 'the participant must be horizontal, with palms and toes facing downwards giving the appearance of standing - the more public the better' - was allegedly founded by two UK Facebookers and now boasts a whopping 50,000 members worldwide.

Not only are the careers of a group of medical staff at the Great Western Hospital in Wiltshire hanging in the balance after photos of them playing the lying down game on resucitation trolleys, heli- pads, and ward floors, were spotted on the site, social media commentators are already casting gloomy assertions about a game which they suggest 'mimicks the dead' (though presumably only those who die lying on their stomachs and then take a photo of it and put it on Facebook - come on gloom merchants....it's only fun.) They also take umbridge with the game's potential for profit.

However the pointless pastime has struck a chord with Generation Social Media, and looks set to grow and grow. Surely any Facebook activity (safe, course) which lures users out of their bedrooms and into the outside world can't be a bad thing?

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