The little tablet that could

It's not exactly slaying the iPad dragon yet, but at least something has come close. After a slow start, Asus' Eee Pad Transformer has shipped an impressive 400,000 units in April and the same in May - with another 300,000 planned for June. That gives the lie to earlier stories that Asus couldn't produce very many of the things - it seems the shortages we've seen have been simply down to demand.

More importantly, that makes the Eee Pad Transformer the best-selling tablet after the iPad. Clearly its combination of the tablet-ready 'Honeycomb' version of Android, and its sub-iPad low price, is a winner with consumers. There's no word on how many are buying the keyboard add-on, but it seems the Asus' low price is proving differentiation enough.

And its story isn't over yet - Asus just announced that the 3G version of the Transformer will be out in Europe in August, offering another potential sales spike.

The apparent success of the Eee Pad Transformer, in contrast to the unimpressive sales of the Motorola Xoom, which shifted just 250,000 in its first few weeks - shows that price is going to prove important in the tablet arena.

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