The little tablet that could

Toshiba. Motorola. BenQ. LG. Samsung. Just a few of the big names releasing tablets in the next few months running Google's Android operating system. Oh, and another is Notion Ink.

Who? We hear you cry, and it's hardly surprising. The 'Adam,' as it's known, is the first product from Notion Ink, an Indian startup that was only founded in 2009. You might expect it to stink, but it's light, powerful and fun to use.

Android tablets are often much of a muchness, but the Adam boasts a few little features that help it stand out from the crowd. It has a swivelling front/rear camera, an idea so simple we're baffled no-one else has tried it. It has grown-up PC ports, including a full-size USB port for plugging in devices. It has a specially-adapted version of Android offering 'application panes' as an easy way to manage all your programmes.

Perhaps most excitingly, it has a 'PixelQi' screen. This is a new-ish technology that aims to combine the colour and ease of a regular LCD touchscreen with the readability of e-ink. You use the Adam as a normal tablet then, if you're outdoors, you switch off the backlight and the screen switches automatically to a crisp, easy-to-read black-and-white mode. (The technique was originally developed for the One Laptop Per Child project, fact fans.)

We'd love to see Notion Ink hold their own with the big boys of tech, and the Adam looks like a winner. Pop yourself over to Engadget to check out a video.

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