The Latest Nintendo Wii Packages and their prices

If you want to find out all about the latest Nintendo Wii packages and their prices you have come to the right place. The Nintendo Wii has just had a major price drop and with this in mind we take a look at what deals are available for you when purchasing your console.

Game, the UK's leading video games retailer, are selling Nintendo's market leading console on its own for £159 - but if you will settle for a pre-owned console, you can grab it for the tasty price of £69. They also have bundles with games included starting at $194.

These are all phenomenal deals when you consider that only a few weeks ago the Wii would have set you back £200 on its own. Many people prefer to shop online, so let's check out the latest and greatest deals on amazon.co.uk.

Although Amazon do not offer the great bundle deals you can get on the high street, they are a little cheaper than Game - with the Wii on its own costing £145. Of course you will have to pay for delivery, but for the ease and convenience, buying online can be the best option.

When you dare ready to shop for the Wii, pay a quick visit to eBay. Often you will find trusted sellers offering the Wii for much cheaper than the established retailers, both online and offline.

Whatever way you buy your Nintendo Wii, now is a great time to do it. It is cheaper than it ever has been and they are still banging out fantastic games for it.

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