The laptop for widescreen addicts

A funny thing has happened in the computing world in recent years. On the one hand, with the rise of the laptop, then the netbook, and now the tablet, the screens we spend our days staring at have got smaller and smaller. But at the same time, desktop monitors have got bigger and bigger, with 17in now the norm, 19in common, and PCs available with up to 27in screens as standard. And with the graphical clout of modern PCs, dual- or even triple-monitor setups have become normal.

How to reconcile these two, apparently contradictory, trends? Well, here's one way: the gScreen. This bonkers laptop has a 17.3in screen, which already makes it a whopper by 'portable' computer standards. But there's more: slip your hand behind the screen, and you can pull out another screen the same size. With both screens boasting an ultra-high-res 1920x1080 setup, that's more pixels on your laptop than most people make do with on their desktop.

Does it fit in with the other big laptop trend, ultra-thin & light? Unsurprisingly, does it heck. At ten pounds and two inches thick, this is not a laptop to pop in your backpack and nip down the cafe with. But we guess it'll find some sort of niche - among those with $2500 to spare.

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