The Kindle snowboard (honest!)

E-ink. You may never have heard of it, but if you've ever seen a Kindle, you've seen it - and probably ooh'd and aah'd over how easy-to-read and paper-like the screens made with the technology are. Perfect for e-book readers. So of course, the company behind it want to put it in everything else as well.

The makers of E-Ink, imaginatively named E-Ink Holdings, recently showed off a bunch of wacky designs incorporating E-Ink displays. There was a radio, a device specially-designed for sheet music, and - incredibly - a snowboard. A screen at the front showed a compass and some weather information. We do not see this catching on.

But they did show some useful things as well - most notably, a 9.7-inch E-Ink screen with a hearty 300 pixels-per-inch resolution. We reckon we might see that in a new version of Amazon's Kindle DX next year.

What E-Ink didn't show us, though, is the one thing everyone's waiting for: a decent E-Ink colour screen. Maybe next year?

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